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Professional Indian Wedding Planner

The ability to distinguish between an ordinary wedding and an extraordinary,personalized wedding is a trait that sets Navya Wedding apart from the many WeddingPlanners. The current landscape of weddings has emerged as a result of great transformation over centuries of traditional Indian marriages. Today, Navya Wedding Planners and coordinators artfully crafts a picture-perfect amalgamation of traditions,rituals, customary practices, decorations and panache.

Celebrating the Perfect Match with Unmatched Grandeur

Attention to detail is our approach to wedding planning. It is the minute details that really matter in coordinating and planning an extraordinary wedding. As Wedding planners and coordinators, it is more of a privilege than a responsibility to fulfill every desire of the Bride and Groom. Navya Wedding planners and coordinators customize your events to exhibit the colors, taste and essence of your culture.Whether we are handling a traditional Gujarati wedding, an exciting Punjabi wedding, a sophisticated and elegant Tamilian wedding, or a cross-cultural wedding that blends in Indian as well as Western practices; we are 100% sure to offer nothing less than unforgettable experiences for you and your guests for years to remember.Every client is special to us; unique in their own way and a match made in Heaven. We take complete responsibility to execute every desire that couples and their families have been treasuring in their minds ever since they thought of making the wedding a reality.

Why Choose our Indian Wedding Planner Team?

Navya Wedding is an Indian wedding planner and coordinator located in Scottsdale,Arizona. Every individual on the Navya Team is equipped with immense knowledge and understanding of the Hindu ceremonies and rituals. All that we require our clients to do is to invest their trust in us and expect nothing less than the best.
By appointing Navya Wedding as your wedding planner and coordinator, you can hand over all your event management needs and stress to our team, and allow yourself and your families the privilege to enjoy the most memorable days of your life. We offer a free in-person consultation session for the bride, groom and their families to help create a budget that includes décor, menu, music, etc. The ultimate aim of Navyawedding planners and coordinators is to make you feel like royalty. Our exceptionally professional, experienced and dedicated team enjoys the art of planning memorable Indian Weddings that means everything to our brides and grooms.

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